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Technical Area Committee (TAC) and Session Organizers (SO)

1 Basic Processes in Fully and Partially Ionized Plasmas Lorin Matthews, Baylor University, USA
1.1 Basic Phenomena Jacob Roberts, Colorado State Univ., USA
1.2 Computational Plasma Physics Michael Murillo, Michigan State Univ., USA
1.3 Space Plasmas Hong Zhao, Auburn Univ., USA
1.4 Partially ionized Plasmas John Verboncoeur, Michigan State Univ., USA
1.5 Dusty and strongly coupled plasmas Eva Kostadinova, Auburn Univ., USA
1.6 Plasma Chemistry Selma Mededovic-Thagard, Clarkson Univ., USA
2 Microwave Generation and Plasma Interactions Monica Blank, CPII, USA
2.1 Intense Beam Microwave Generation Zhaoyn Duan, UESTC, China
2.2 Fast-Wave Devices Sudheer Jawala, MIT, USA
2.3 Slow-Wave Devices Nick Jordan, Univ of Michigan, USA
2.4 Vacuum Microelectronics and THz Devices Chaohai Du, Peking University, China
2.5 Codes and Modeling Simon Cooke, Naval Research Lab., USA
2.6 Non-Fusion Microwave Systems Sarita Prasad, Innovate Microwave Systems, USA
2.7 Microwave Plasma Interactions Mark Gilmore, Univ of New Mexico, USA
2.8 THz Sources, Radiation & Applications Jagadishwar Sirigir, Bridge-12, USA
3 Charged Particle Beams and Sources Yakov Krasik, Technion, Israel
3.1 Plasma, Ion and Electron Sources Efim Oks, Inst. of High Current Electronics, Russia
3.2 Intense Electron and ion Beams David Hinshelwood, Naval Research Lab., USA
3.3 Advanced concepts, novel materials, and new applications Georg Muller, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
4 High Energy Density Plasmas and Applications Tammy Ma, LLNL, USA
4.1 Fusion (Inertial, Magnetic and Alternate Concepts) Robbie Scott, STFC, UK
4.2 Particle Acceleration with Lasers and Beams Derek Mariscal, LLNL, USA
4.3 Radiation Physics & X-ray Lasers Arianna Gleason, Stanford Univ., USA
4.4 High Energy Density Matter Adam Sefkow, University of Rochester, USA
4.5 Laser Produced Plasmas Luca Volpe, University of Salamanca, Spain
4.6 Fast Z pinches Paul Schmit, Sandia National Lab, USA
4.7 Plasma Material Interactions Bhuvana Srinivasan, Virginia Tech, USA
5 Industrial, Commercial and Medical Plasma Applications John Foster, University of Michigan, USA
5.1 Nonequilibrium Plasma Applications Danil Dobrynin, Drexel University, USA
5.2 High-Pressure and Thermal Plasma Processing Jay Uddi, Advanced Cooling Technologies, USA
5.3 Plasma Thrusters Neil Arthur, NASA, USA
5.4 Plasmas for Lighting and Flat-Panel Displays (combined with 5.5)
5.5 Environmental and Industrial Applications Peter Bruggeman, University of Minnesota, USA
5.6 Medical and Biological Applications Michael Keidar, George Washington University, USA
6 Plasma Diagnostics Dustin Froula, University of Rochester, USA
6.1 Optical, X-ray, and Microwave Diagnostics Steven Ross, LLNL, USA
6.2 Particle Diagnostics Chad Forrest, University or Rochester, USA
6.3 Electrical (Probe) Diagnostics (combined with 6.2)
7 Pulsed Power and Other Plasma Applications Keith LeChien, LLNL, USA
7.1 Insulation and Dielectric Breakdown George Laity, SNL, USA
7.2 Opening and Closing Switches Josh Leckbee, SNL, USA
7.3 Generators and Applications Andy Young, LLNL, USA
7.4 Compact Pulsed Power and Applications Kevin O'Connor, Caporus Technologies, USA








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